Type: Light Novel
Status: Coming Soon
Synpsis: Morita Nakayama is famous for his portrayal of a genius teen detective on TV, but he's also helped solve several real-world cases. At least, that's what the public thinks. The real detective is his best friend Ai, a girl with a keen mind and an even keener dislike for having to talk to people. She texts her deductions to Morita and he plays detective for the police. Will they be able to keep up the charade? Will Ai be able to find a murderer before he strikes again? Will Morita get a callback audition for that new show?

Ai Washimi

A quiet girl who prefers to observe instead of interact. She hates talking to people, but she'll do almost anything for food.

Morita Nakayama

An actor best known for his portrayal of the lead character in the popular TV series Fangs. He and Ai are best friends.